Don't believe the "HYPE" LSU will Win...

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

My Truthful Take...!

Here we sit one day away from LSU vs. Miami in Jerry Jones Land. After the last second loss to Notre Dame and for most of us Saints (LSU) Fans watching Sunday this will be our first real taste of meaningful football in quite some time. I'm beyond tired of hearing how LSU will struggle to put a 6 win season together and Coach O is on the HOT SEAT! Take a second and check when the last time LSU won six games or less. I'm not wasting my time...

Let's take a more in-depth look at who's making these statements? The Mainstream/National media, needless to say, they don't have the best reputation as of late. Creating drama is exactly what they want. Well, I'm here to tell you its all "HYPE." Come Sunday night in Jerry land LSU will do what they always do and impose their will on a lesser opponent.

I fully expect Coach Dave Aranda to have a great defensive plan together for the Miami Hurricanes come game day. You have given one of the brightest minds in college football and an extended amount of time to game-plan against a decent offense.

Yes, I said Decent!

Nothing on Miami's offense makes me nervous come Sunday. QB Malik Rosier did have 30 plus touchdowns in 2017, but that came along with 14 interceptions. Put pressure on this man, and he WILL make MISTAKES. LSU has the firepower to do just this. Look for K'Lavon Chaisson to have his coming out party in 2018. The former 5 star OLB has every tool needed to be the next GREAT Sack Machine at LSU. Add to that two top 5 NFL draft picks in Devin White and Greedy Williams, LSU will have no excuses on Sunday not to keep Miami on its heels all night.

Ok, Let's move to the Joe Burrow side of the ball also known as the offense. Yet again LSU goes out of it's recruiting classes and grabs graduate transfer Joe Burrow from Ohio State University. With all the chaos surrounding OSU right now, it looks as if burrow made a right choice by heading to LSU...but that's a conversation for another day. Let's hope Coach O hit the lottery with burrow and LSU will finally have a Athletically/Capable QB under center for the first the first time in almost 10 years. Burrow does look the part but looking the part and actually doing it under the lights is two significant differences.

The one individual who has the most pressure on them come Saturday night won't even step on the field during the actual game, and that's Coach Steve Ensminger. Ensminger was selected as the offensive coordinator by Coach O after a disastrous one year tenure with Matt Canada, who's now the head man at Maryland. Coach Ensminger is apparently everything Coach Orgeron wants in his OC. Time will tell on this, but I do expect Coach Ensminger to bring more of a balanced Pro Style Spread attack to LSU in 2018.

LSU playing in Dallas Cowboys stadium should lend a hand with the home crowd. LSU travels well in the first place but always seems to turn Jerry land into Baton Rouge north. Coach Orgeron prides himself on energy and effort from his teams, this should bold well with the crowd clearly in LSU favor on Sunday night. As a fan base who was spoiled for many of the Saban and Miles years, they have come to the realization that all hands on deck will be needed in 2018 to complete this turnaround. Negativity needs to take a back seat at this point and support our beloved LSU Tigers heading into this prime-time match-up.

With this being week 1 of college football and NOOO one really has a clue on what any team will look like...let's play it safe and say LSU 27 Miami 14.

Offensive MVP - QB Joe Burrow / WR Jonathan Giles

Defensive MVP - LB Devin White / Dave Aranda

Prediction: LSU - 27

MIAMI - 14

Written By: Josh Lemoine Aug 1, 2018