LSU Wins...The National Media Loses

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Months of long grueling Comments/Articles from the national media about how LSU was in a tailspin to be the next Kentucky of college football Sept 2nd couldn't come fast enough. Well, Sept 2nd has come and gone with LSU Thumping Miami 33 -17, and it wasn't even that close.

Did you tune in for college game-day? I did, all the so-called experts picked Miami to beat LSU going away. You know who else tuned in? LSU and it's Faithful Fans and Players. No speech was needed or an inspirational backstory to get the players hyped. The blatant disrespect for LSU and Coach Orgeron was enough motivation for 3 games!

At times the "Experts" need to be called out...last night was proof no one, not even the football guru's you listen to or watch on TV had a clue how good LSU was going to look. Hot seat this and Hot seat that...Junk! From the time LSU kicked that ball off it was clearly apparent the speed LSU has amassed under Coach O took over that game. Now the bandwagon will fill up with national media heads and more so-called experts who will tell you how great Joe Burrow looked at QB and what a fantastic amount of talent Coach O has put together down on the BAYOU. Don't get confused...these same individuals were calling Coach O the next WATER BOY to get Fired down on the SWAMP. This team did an excellent job of blocking out the national media noise and capitalizing on Miami's mistakes all night.

Judgments of a team or program without fully knowing the entire situation becomes a dangerous mixture. Why did I have LSU winning 27 - 14 for my pregame prediction, well I pay attention to recruiting and the more exceptional details of the situation. LSU and Coach O have put together a group of talent that has world-class speed, and that showed last night when at times we made Miami look slow. Believe me, Miami is not slow.

This leads me to my last point on the media situation National or Local...Most people can watch a football game and grasp a good opinion. For us Cajuns LSU is life! We Bleed Purple and Gold unless you live in the culture or was brought up in this unique community you won't truly understand. One thing is certain if any of these so-called national media experts had it so right they would be living in Las Vegas making millions, but instead there chasing the next journalist job looking to give uninformed information or poke at a program waiting for its demise to break that next big story. (See: Ohio State, Baylor, Penn State)

With all that being said it's just one win and yes it was against the #8 ranked Miami Hurricanes but let's keep this all in perspective. By week 4 of college football, these preseason rankings will have been turned upside down, and we will honestly know who's a contender and pretender by then. Next up for LSU is South Eastern Louisiana which in all accounts should be an easy win. Followed by the Auburn Tigers, who at times looked very suspect on the offensive line. I don't see any reason to believe that LSU can't win that game even with it being a home game for Auburn.

LsuFballTruth Week 1 MVP's LSU vs. Miami

Offense: RB - Nick Brossette, QB - Joe Burrow and LT - Saahdiq Charles

Defense: LB - Jacob Phillips, LB - Devin White and Def Cor - Dave Aranda

Special Teams: Cole Tracy, SP Teams Coach Greg McMahon

Written By: Josh Lemoine 3 Sept, 2018

Twitter: @LsuFballTruth