Capitol LSU

Did you know, TJ Finley is heading to LSU soon to pursue his dream of becoming a sports attorney? Yes, you read that right, he wants to be a lawyer.

(Rumor has it that TJ may play football while at LSU too.)

Finley made a promise to make a difference in the lives of others any way he can, and once again, he is keeping his word. ( You can read more about TJ’s community work here)

State Representative Stephen Pugh and TJ Finley

TJ recently went on a tour of the Louisiana State Capitol to watch a session of Congress. He wasn’t interested in the politics involved, his objective was to further his understanding of the law. On the visit, he hoped to learn more about how bills are started, amended and eventually become law. House Bill 99 really caught TJ’s attention while attending the session - this bill would require background checks for all travel coaches before being allowed to coach any young athletes. “This is important to me because it will protect young children from being exposed to sex offenders and/or dangerous criminals.” As of July 6th, House Bill 99 was passed by both the House and Senate, and was signed into law by the Governor.

State Representative Stephen Pugh, TJ Finley, and Mike Johnson

After a day at the Capitol, TJ was asked about what made the strongest impression on him and thoughts on choosing the law field. “My biggest take away was that nothing is built in one day. Rules are made to keep us, the citizens, safe even though the process can be lengthy and very drawn out,” said TJ. “I am very good at putting together evidence to support my claims, so going into law best fitted my natural talents.”

Finley's art of persuasion may be put to the test long before he earns his law degree. His first courtroom, a football field. His case, a foul called by a referee who saw a play differently than TJ.

If TJ can win his case against an SEC referee... law school and the bar exam will be a breeze.

TJ Finley and State Representative Mary DuBuisson